Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many people have problems with their wisdom teeth, the third set of molar teeth which grows at 18-25 years of age. They may not grow through the gums properly and can cause problems for the gums or other back teeth.

We will assess your wisdom teeth and if required, can remove them safely under local or general anesthetic wisdom teeth/ third molars, erupt or grow at the back of a person's gums and are the last teeth to come through. Most people have four wisdom teeth, one in each jaw corner.

  • Third molars usually will try to erupt at around age 18 to 25 years when a person comes to be intelligent, caring & wiser. So third molar is Known as the “wisdom tooth.”
  • The wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt.
  • If Wisdom teeth are erupting accurately if they are as functional as other molar teeth, Proper bite relationship, and the healthy gum tissue around the third molars.
  • Unfavorably, a Wisdom tooth is not erupting accurately in many cases like short & delicate Jaw.


The eruption and growth of the wisdom tooth may lead to pain. A broken wisdom tooth also causes pain, and proper treatment is needed.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove an impacted tooth that is placed at the back. If an impacted wisdom tooth causes pain or other oral issues then we will advise removing the tooth.

  • Firstly, the area is anesthetized painlessly. We use the best technique to give local anesthesia painlessly.
  • Then, the soft and hard tissues around the impacted tooth are precisely removed.
  • The wisdom tooth is then removed either as a whole or in multiple fragments depending on the type of impaction. The certain impacted position will lock the tooth inside the underlying bone firmly.
  • Fragmented removal is the best way to remove the tooth completely without troubling the healthy and vital structures around it.